Temperature Controlled Areas

Temperature Controlled Areas

Logidis has several temperature-controlled zones (14 to 25 ℃). We have dedicated areas for:-

Wine and Spirit
We provide world-class storage facilities to keep your wine in ideal conditions with no humidity. In our warehouse, we ensure that the quality of your wine is preserved through regular monitoring of the temperature and other key performance indicators.

Chocolate is one such delicate product, and we know just how to store it to ensure that it retains its superior quality whilst in our care. We have a dedicated, chilled dark room just for your chocolates, and our trained team understands that everything down to the packaging must be perfect for protecting the quality and colour of the chocolate.

Pharmaceutical products
Logidis has a dedicated area with all of the required temperature settings to preserve the quality and integrity of your pharmaceutical products. We have invested in special racking, equipment, and temperature monitoring devices to ensure that the cold chain is never broken. Finally, our packaging and distribution staff ensures that the products’ packaging, labelling, and pricing are correct before delivery.

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