About Us

Vision, Mission and Values

To sustainably impact people’s lives every day

To connect people and goods through mobility and logistics solutions


  • Accountability
  • Trustworthiness
  • Transparency
  • Respect
  • Agility
  • Continuous improvement
  • Teamwork

Quality Policy

Our people first!
Our employees, our assets! We value our people by facilitating growth through training, career opportunities and recognition.

We are customer centric!
Services are provided in accordance with customers’ specifications and within a commercially realistic environment.
To maintain customer satisfaction.
Ensures that the services provided are conducted in a safe and timely manner to maintain Logidis integrity.

Aiming for excellence!
Continuous growth in our expertise and being the best service provider in the Goods and People Mobility solutions in Mauritius.

Track Record

Incredible Track Record

  • Operational since 2003, we have extended our warehouse capacity from 15,000m² to 26,000m². Our warehouses cater for dry, chilled, frozen and special commodity such as pharmaceutical products.
  • Our core businesses in the mobility sector includes; Goods Mobility, People Mobility, and Vehicles Services
  • Certified ISO 9001:2015, HACCP and EU Certified

Management Team

Vincent Pilot

Vincent Pilot

General Manager
Naden Padayachi

Naden Padayachi

General Manager People Mobility & Vehicle Services
Gerard Bassy

Gerard Bassy

Manager Goods Mobility Frozen & Chilled
Dhiana Jokhoo

Dhiana Jokhoo

Finance Manager
Jean-Christophe Utile

Jean-Christophe Utile

Operations Manager
Pascal Luk Ok Choo

Pascal Luk Ok Choo

Head of Security
Reshma Lalsing

Reshma Lalsing

Sales & Marketing Manager
Lovisha Periacarpen

Lovisha Periacarpen

Quality Manager

IBL Group

A Brighter Future with IBL

IBL Ltd is an outstanding, diversified group with many corporations. We are based in Mauritius, but are working and investing in various industries across 19 countries.

Our mission is to help shape a brighter future for everyone through connection and continuous improvement.

Our Footprint​


Community and Connection
IBL and all of its group companies, including Logidis, are proud to take an active role in the social and environmental development of the country. Logidis collaborates with the IBL foundation to ensure that Mauritian children can learn and grow in an environment where they feel protected and supported. Logidis has provided on various occasions, inland transport for volunteers helping victims during floods, and we have always find innovative solutions to transfer food and necessary goods to those affected. We have as far as we could responded quickly to solve the logistical needs of the flood victims by providing transport to schools etc.


Going Green!
Through our work with the IBL Green committee, our employees are well-versed in energy-saving methods, and we have instituted several measures regarding biodiversity and the recycling of waste. Logidis also participates in numerous green activities. We like to practice what we preach, and our employees put their old batteries and electronic waste in special boxes and split other debris into dedicated recycling boxes. Our goal is to provide logistical services that are sustainable and eco-friendly.